This quiz calculates your character's alignment score for the game Dungeons and Dragons. Your character's alignment has two dimensions:

Law - Chaos
Good - Evil

thus ranging over the possibilities

Lawful Good Lawful Neutral Lawful Evil
Neutral Good Neutral Neutral Neutral Evil
Chaotic Good Chaotic Neutral Chaotic Evil

The concept is taken from DND Epicenter - Alignment.
The quiz contents were derived from DND Epicenter - Alignment - Quiz.
You can check those links for more discussion of the various possible alignments.

The quiz itself: for each answer to each question, select the value of how strongly your character would agree with each answer (3 = most agreement, 0 = least agreement).

If you wish to ensure that every answer of each question has a different value, so that all a question's answers will be ranked from 0 to 3, press "Check the Ranking". If some sets of answers are not properly ranked, this page will make an alert that points out the questions with improperly-ranked answers.

When you are finished, press "Calculate the Scores". The scores will be 10 less than in the quiz link above, because of my decision to count from 0 instead of from 1. However, the differences will be unchanged.
  1. By adventuring, I am primarily...
    1. doing my part to put things right.
    2. rescuing the weak and helping the helpless.
    3. enjoying the thrill of the dangers faced.
    4. acquiring wealth and power through this experience.

  2. Were I not fit for an adventuring class, I would most likely be...
    1. a man-at-arms in a nearby castle.
    2. a bandit raiding the countryside.
    3. an herbalist treating the sick.
    4. a hermit living alone in the wilderness.

  3. My hero is...
    1. Robin Hood.
    2. King Arthur.
    3. Attilla the Hun.
    4. Darth Vader.

  4. I see myself more as...
    1. a soldier.
    2. a hero.
    3. an adventurer.
    4. a rogue.

  5. At the end of a successful venture...
    1. I kill everyone and take the loot.
    2. the party leaders begin planning another venture.
    3. I look for ways to help others.
    4. We say goodbye to each other, and I go relax my way.

    1. Careful planning is the surest way to assure success.
    2. Opportunities come to those flexible enough to grasp them.
    3. One should always be ready to help others.
    4. Look out for number one.

    1. If people were free, crime would disappear.
    2. Prosperity for all is only possible where crime is controlled.
    3. Government makes it possible for the best people to rise to the top.
    4. The function of the police is to oppress those who are just trying to survive.

    1. No creature can ever claim ownership of any other creature.
    2. Stronger creatures use slavery to take advantage of the weak.
    3. Slavery is a reasonable solution to certain economic problems.
    4. Some people deserve to be served by others.

    1. The government which governs least governs best.
    2. The one who always does good need not fear the law.
    3. Without law, society would collapse.
    4. Any situation can be made to work to one's own advantage.

    1. Each of us has a duty to all of us.
    2. Each of us has a duty to our country and its government.
    3. Each of us has a duty to himself.
    4. There is no duty common to all.

Alignment Score
Law 0
Chaos 0
L-C 0
Good 0
Evil 0
G-E 0