Density Plots of the Distributions of Political-Compass Scores

Economic Left Left
Economic Right Right
Socially Libertarian Bottom
Socially Authoritarian Top

Some of the plots are comparisons of FRDB and some other messageboard. They have these colors:

Compared One Magenta
FRDB Green

The table itself:

Grayscale False-Color Compared to FRDB

Freethought & Rationalism Discussion Board

FRDB, Outlying Scores Enhanced
DP_IIDB_2.png DP_IIDB_2_FC.png

Secular Café
DP_SC.png DP_SC_FC.png DP_SC_w_IIDB.png

Talk Rational!
DP_TR.png DP_TR_FC.png DP_TR_w_IIDB.png

Rants 'n Raves
DP_RnR.png DP_RnR_FC.png DP_RnR_w_IIDB.png

Heathen Hub
DP_HHb.png DP_HHb_FC.png DP_HHb_w_IIDB.png

Atheist Network
DP_AN.png DP_AN_FC.png DP_AN_w_IIDB.png

Infidel Guy
DP_IG.png DP_IG_FC.png DP_IG_w_IIDB.png

James Randi Educational Foundation

Mystic Wicks (neopagan)
DP_MW.png DP_MW_FC.png DP_MW_w_IIDB.png

Cross + Flame (liberal Christian)
DP_CrsFlm.png DP_CrsFlm_FC.png DP_CrsFlm_w_IIDB.png
DP_CF.png DP_CF_FC.png DP_CF_w_IIDB.png

CF, Outlying Scores Enhanced
DP_CF_2.png DP_CF_2_FC.png DP_CF_2_w_IIDB.png

DP_TW.png DP_TW_FC.png DP_TW_w_IIDB.png

Rapture Ready
DP_RR.png DP_RR_FC.png DP_RR_w_IIDB.png (Muslim)
DP_Ummah.png DP_Ummah_FC.png DP_Ummah_w_IIDB.png

StormFront (white nationalist, neo-fascist)
DP_StrmFrnt.png DP_StrmFrnt_FC.png DP_StrmFrnt_w_IIDB.png

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