Software that I have written


Here is various software that I have written, software that does not fall into my site's other categories.

-- Loren Petrich, lpetrich at various online venues

Image Measurer

Here is some software for measuring positions on image files, written for MacOS X. It can rescale the points that one measures, and one can export one's measurements in a spreadsheet file. It can read an image from the clipboard and also export measurements to the clipboard. It's neither very fancy nor very well-documented. (zip archive) (zip archive)

X11 Colors

This software is for finding which named colors are closest to one's selected color. Its names are from the X-windows system, but it also works with web colors. It was written for MacOS X and for Python/TK (cross-platform version). (zip archive) (zip archive)

Sudoku Solver

This software is for solving puzzles in the puzzle game Sudoku. It was written for MacOS X, but it's mostly the user-interface code that is OSX-specific. The solver proper is intended to be cross-platform. (zip archive) (zip archive)

Voting Algorithms

This software implements several vote-counting algorithms, for preference voting and for proportional allocation. For preference voting, it includes not only first-past-the-post and runoff algorithms, but also a variety of Condorcet ones, like Schulze, Copeland, minimax, ranked pairs, Kemeny-Young, Dodgson, and maximal lotteries. For proportional allocation, it includes both highest averages and largest remainders. In Mathematica and Python. (zip archive)

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