Landing in Central Park

Central Park

A common problem with what UFO contactees report is why don't their Space People friends land in some very public place? Like the White House lawn or the Washington National Mall or New York City's Central Park. I personally think that Central Park would be the best choice, because it has some nice open space not far from the United Nations headquarters, and the United Nations is the closest that humanity has gotten to a world government. Desmond Leslie once wrote about this issue (Flying Saucers Have Landed):

So why should they risk a public landing? They have seen what the mob does to that which it fears, and what it does to that which it worships. Their ship would be impounded for evasion of custom duties. Their clothes would be torn off and sold as souvenirs. They would be denounced as saboteurs, anti-Christs, disturbers of the peace, emissaries of Satan, and the rest, as happened on that ill-advised attempt made in France during the reign of Charlemagne.

The legal status of extraterrestrial visitors has been discussed by some people. Robert Freitas in Legal Rights of ETs proposes "stateless persons", and Babak Shakouri in The Space Review: Legal implications of an encounter with extraterrestrial intelligence has proposed diplomatic status. I think that diplomatic status would be the best option, at least initially. BSH also concludes that the appropriate organization to negotiate with ET's is the United Nations, because it's the closest thing it's the closest thing to a political organization that represents all of humanity. Something I also agree with.

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