George Adamski's Inside the Spaceships Artist's Conceptions

There is a curious gap in the abundance of artist's conceptions of UFO's and UFO-related events. It is the shortage of artist's conceptions of scenes in George Adamski's book Inside the Spaceships (or Space Ships). However, I have found a few, and I hope to provide my own.

Pictures composed and assembled by myself (lpetrich) using various sources, a group picture of George Adamski with three of his Space People friends, Ilmuth, Orthon, and Kalna, all of them UFO pilots. I have done both work-jumpsuit and off-duty versions for those three, and two off-duty versions for Ilmuth and Kalna. The Space People wear jumpsuits only for various sorts of work, but both sexes of Space People do so. In the background are a picture of a Space People city, enclosed to protect against hostile conditions outside, a picture of a large Space People spaceship near Venus, and a display and control pad. I concede that I have embellished GA's description by making the wall a sort of iridescent blue, and by adding a potted plant.

The people were made with dollmaker software, and I got only an approximate fit to GA's descriptions. Kalna and Ilmuth should be wearing jeweled belts instead of sashes or metal belts, and Orthon should be wearing loose pants and sandals, like the footwear that the two women are wearing.

Others' artists' conceptions

I hope that my inclusion of screen captures of them in this site is in agreement with Fair Use criteria for copyrighted material.

  1. Purpose and Character: to discuss how well they depict aspects of ITSS in a freely-available documentary.
  2. Nature of Copyrighted Work: documentaries.
  3. How Much Taken: screenshot of only one or two scenes each, and not the "main" or title scenes.
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Professor Solomon ITSS

From left to right, Kalna, George Adamski, and Ilmuth sitting on a sofa in a spaceship lounge, from How to Make the Most of a Flying Saucer Experience by Professor Solomon. That book contains a sprightly discussion of several notable 1950's UFO contactees, including a nicely detailed biography of George Adamski himself.

That illustration does a good job of conveying the overall flavor of the lounge scenes in ITSS in a very minimalist fashion. Given the style of drawing, it would have been hard to show very much. It is also faithful to GA's descriptions of the two Space Sisters and their clothing. They have jeweled belts there while I passed on laboriously painting them in. Finally, I find it cringingly cute and very sweet.

etfirstcontact41 ITSS

From left to right, George Adamski, Ramu, Firkon, Kalna, Ilmuth, and Orthon, from George Adamski ET Contact From The Planet Venus in 1952 3of7 - YouTube, part of a nice series on George Adamski's career. Ramu and Firkon are dressed in their covert-resident garb and Orthon in his famous jumpsuit. The Kalna-Ilmuth order is from their hair colors, though a scene where Kalna states something implies the opposite order. That video contains several other scenes from ITSS constructed in much the same fashion, cobbled together from artwork from a variety of sources. From the first member of the series, George Adamski ET Contact From The Planet Venus in 1952 1of7 - YouTube, author ETFirstContact41 concedes that "For part of this story, I had to improvise and create the images to fit the story." This is what I myself have done, but since I have picked nits in my own work, I hope that it's legitimate to pick nits in ETFC41's work.

Kalna and Ilmuth aren't very close fits to GA's descriptions, though the versions there do capture the ballroom-finery look. It also shows Orthon in his famous jumpsuit rather than off-duty clothes. Likewise for Firkon and Ramu and their covert-duty business suits. But off-duty clothes may have required some explaining for those three gentlemen.


From left to right, (FSHL) Orthon, George Adamski, (ITSS) Firkon, Kalna, Ilmuth, Ramu, George Adamski, from Retour aux sources cosmiques II ("Return to the cosmic sources II"). It is a French translation of parts of "Flying Saucers Have Landed" (FSHL) ("Les soucoupes volantes ont atterri") and ITSS ("À l'intérieur des vaisseaux de l'espace"). A companion page, Retour aux sources cosmiques, has a few tidbits from ITSS alongside several UFO pictures and some discussion of George Adamski's career. The artist's conceptions in RASC II are all in comic-book style, and their text is all in French. For FSHL, they cover GA's friends' chasing of UFO's, and GA's first encounter with Orthon in detail. For ITSS, they cover going from the Earth to the mother ship, complete with some scenes on board.

Now for a critique. First some problems. The clothing colors are all wrong, and Kalna and Ilmuth lack jeweled belts. But for the most part, it gets details right. It captures clothing wrinkles very well, and it follows the descriptions in FSHL and ITSS fairly well. Firkon and Ramu are wearing off-duty clothing, complete with loose sleeves and tight wrists, and GA is also wearing plausible clothing. Everybody's hair color and hair length is pretty much correct. There is also a striking contrast between GA's aged appearance and the youthful appearance of both sexes of Space People. Even the aged-looking spiritual master in another scene does not look quite as old as GA.

I've gone into more detail about the ITSS scene here: Smoking aboard the Space People's Spaceships.

Still another one is in Galactic Humans - Star Beings of God. It features a retelling of parts of ITSS illustrated with pictures from various episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series. That seems rather appropriate, because the the society described in ITSS seems something like an interplanetary version of Star Trek's United Federation of Planets. Here is a dictionary:

James T. KirkOrthon
Leonard McCoyRamu
Janice RandKalna

Universe-People Picture #4089: George Adamski, Inside the Spaceships, from PICTURES, GALLERIES -, ultimately from Universe People. From left to right, Orthon, George Adamski, Ramu, and Firkon. They are all looking at pictures on a wall. Back in a corridor on the right are Kalna and Ilmuth. The picture is curiously blurry.

This does not have artist's conceptions, but it does have a reasonably good summary of FSHL and ITSS: Adamski Reviews: What did he say, exactly! | The Paracast Community Forums

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