Political-Compass Scores

These are scores from the Political Compass online quiz, which measures political tendencies on two axes:

Economic Left (-) Right (+)
Social Libertarian (-) Authoritarian (+)

Although that site's system has received a sizable amount of criticism, it does nevertheless seem more useful than the typical left-right spectrum.

I (LP) have analyzed a large numbers of scores posted in several Internet messagebards:

I have collected the scores I've found in several spreadsheet-friendly (tab-delimited) files, which I've placed in this archive.

I've plotted density plots of their scores in these pages: The graphs of all these quizzes look like:

Political Compass
Social Authoritarian
Left Right
Moral Politics (site now dead)
Moral Rules Collective
Equality Hierarchy
Moral Order
Political Brew's Political Gauge (site now dead)
Non-Fiscal Conservative
Liberal Conservative
Environics Fire-and-Ice Test (site now dead)
y Authority
Competition Fulfillment
For the Fire and Ice test, you must get your x and y values from the result URL; check the URL text field at the top when you get your result graph. However, the other three political quizzes will give you the numbers more directly.

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